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Our Society

Research Works is an official non-profit academic society registered . Research Works is a great platform for like-minded scholars to communicate and share resources for academic development and cooperation. Research Works aims to advocate academic research at younger age and conduct research on academic leadership. We also strive to promote academic communication, organise various academic research lectures and academic educational activities.  we are stepping into the future and writing a new chapter.

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Our Mission

Research Works aims to cultivate and promote academic leadership  beyond on the global scale. The focus of society is not to change the university academic governance and organizational system, but to effect change in scholars' individual leadership cultivation and development. Students will develop better academic leadership, learn how to systematically improve their personal qualities, and gain an understanding of how to become a changemaker in the future. As  academic society, we actively strive to promote academic leadership education and research in theory and practice.

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Bringing together top academic researchers

Covering the forefront of research areas

Build a platform for academic exchanges

Academic leadership and public service promotion

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Academic Research Promotion at a Younger Age

The society actively advocates and promotes academic education at a younger age. Academic leadership training should start from the undergraduate and even the high school stage. It needs systematic training and improvement. For high school students and undergraduate students, we focus on the cultivation and development of nine different academic abilities (namely: the ability to find and ask logical questions, the ability to solve complex problems, critical thinking ability, the ability to design research process, academic writing skill, the ability to collaborate and teamwork, the ability of public speaking and innovation capability). The society builds relationships with Chinese academic educational institutes to collaboratively develop academic leadership capability and enable young people to participate in the research programs and events to expand global horizons, and cultivate academic leadership skills.

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Global Development

Research Works is building branches and carrying out the promotion of academic leadership around the world. 


The aim is to establish a long-term and influential youth scholar community, bringing together top academic scholars, and promoting academic exchanges between different disciplines as well as explore cutting-edge research issues to help them establish important academic network and friendships.


Furthermore, the branches will promote educational public welfare, and contribute to the development of education in society.

Society activities

Research Works has the goal of the global advocacy of academic leadership research and education. We strive to carry out a series of educational activities.


1. Introduction of university majors and disciplines: tutorial videos and introductory articles for 40 popular university majors, which are free to society members and other students for learning. Through these, students can gain a deep understanding of the university courses and subjects, allowing them to make the right choices for undergraduate study laying the foundation for a future successful academic life.


2.  Academic lectures: inviting academic scholars and experts to carry out non-commercial lectures to share academic experience and cutting-edge research issues.


3. Academic leadership research: investigate the theoretical foundations and practical framework of academic leadership; systematically develop the project-based learning research strategy (Craft of Research) and the units of transdisciplinary approaches ; develop the cooperation with other schools, and award the "Research Works Society Academic Education Practice Base" title. 


4. Academic education seminars: organisation of academic education seminars, discussing the future of academic education models and leadership development.

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Download the application form here, fill in the information and send to:

 Research Works looks forward to your joining!

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