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Global Youth Academic Leader

20 Under 20


Dear Mr./Ms. _______
In order to promote the global younger academic research and the development of research and innovation education for the younger generation, Cambridge Research Works society takes the lead to invite the distinguished professors and scholars as the judges to select 20 of the world’s top young academic talents. We expect that the nominees have made the world-class academic research achievements (such as winning the international academic awards, Olympic medals, published papers in the top academic journal or participated in international academic conferences, involved in the national research project and achieved significant results).
All applications must be in English. We sincerely welcome all the young scholars to nominate yourself or anyone you think best deserves this honor. Please submit only one form per nominee.

You need to submit: published papers or research reports (Less than 300 words) / international academic contest awards / significant research project achievement/ other outstanding personal or team achievements / personal statements (including academic background, learning experiences, etc. (required); tutor or school recommendation letter (optional).
Most importantly, you have to be under the age of 20. This means you were born in or after 1998/01/01. If you are currently 20 years old or older you cannot make the list.  Please send the above materials to E-mail: before 2018/06/15 (subject line: name - age - country -  for global youth academic leader under 20).
The 2018 list will be released soon. Visit the Research Works website:

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